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Craft Beer Clean Energy

by Tommy Green | LinkedIN | Facebook

Super Bowl Weekend! A time when millions of fans get together to cheer for their favorite billionaire’s football team.  Our nation is enthralled, as players compete in a Roman gladiator atmosphere, sacrificing their health in pursuit of the all mighty dollar. Clever plutocrats brand their NFL franchises as local and community, fleecing their fans out of every last penny they can grab, with the gracefulness of an ODell Beckham one handed touchdown catch.

Beer festivals can also be very profitable, and our antiquated North Carolina alcohol laws are ripe for con men to hustle our community. For just $50, a one day license can be obtained from the state to sell beer, with just one caveat. You must be a federally licensed non-profit organization.

So, here’s the grift. Get a non-profit on board to sign the paperwork, promising them a few dollars in return. Then, get breweries to donate beer to the festival in the name of charity. Sell thousands of tickets to the community for the event, falsely promoting the festival as a benefit for the non-profit organization hustled into signing on.

There is a good news on the horizon for Asheville beer festivals. Enter Brew Horizons – a beer festival where all proceeds are going to the clean energy non-profit Green Built Alliance. Based in West Asheville, Community Engagement Director Cari Barcas states unequivocally, “100 percent of proceeds will go directly to increasing Green Built’s outreach efforts to help engage more community members in reducing our area’s peak energy demand and creating our region’s clean energy future.” The Green Built Alliance is actually hosting the event, selling the tickets, and renting the Civic Center facility themselves.

Drink Beer for Clean Energy in Asheville!

*Community is Brewing, Tommy Green, Brewpon, Chris Power, and Drink Local Now are in no way profiting financially in any way by promoting this event.