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Connecting Over Craft Brews <> Post ID: 25666

Connecting Over Craft Brews

Human nature contains much that is admirable, including the capacity for love, friendship, cooperation, and learning, all of which allows us to form good societies and fosters understanding among people everywhere.


by Tommy Green | LinkedIN | Facebook | Spotify

I only drink for work.

It sounds like a joke, or an alcoholic’s denial. But it’s true. I don’t care much for alcohol. It is just not my thing. Not that I don’t have my addictions. Give me a bag of weed, and I won’t leave the couch until it’s gone (and Cheetos and Skittles too).

I may not care much for alcohol but here’s the thing: I love craft beer. Not the drinking of it, but the spirit of it — its celebration of independence and innovation. It is the drink of the people, in our revolution against corporate America, tyranny and injustice. 

That’s why I host the podcast Drink Local Now and created the app Brewpon. By championing craft brewing, I hope to make the world a better place. Maybe if we just connect and relate more with each other, we will be less likely to elect a jerky president. Maybe.


Sharing a drink, whether it’s a craft brew or a cafe latte, helps us connect with each other. Emboldened by hops and caffeine, we become more comfortable with the common humanity we all share, ignoring our fears, anxieties, and our differences. Nicholas Christakis writes, “All people find meaning in the world, love their families, enjoy the company of friends, teach one another things of value, and work together in groups… recognizing this common humanity makes it possible for all of us to lead grander and more virtuous lives.”

A craft brewery – much like a local coffee shop – is like a community center. Our brewing community works to connect us, bring us together. Whether practicing yoga with cats or enlightening one another, we can all find our comfort zone at craft breweries and independent coffee shops nationwide.

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